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Cathode & Staathaat in Edinburgh

Cold Dead Hands Present...

Staathaat- raging fast hardcore with sludge breakdowns, ex Seein Red
Cathode- metallic hardcore in the vein of Catharsis & Gehenna
Hitcher- Isis worshipping local post metallers
Vacunaut-Sabbath infused heaviness

Staathaat (Dutch for hate the state) is a new Dutch band with members of Seein' Red, Kriegstanz, Orwell Nation, Cathode and Betercore. They mix up slow, apocalyptic sludge with eruptions into face shredding fast parts. Think Corrupted, Dystopia, Face Down In Shit, His Hero Is Gone. Smart, passionate hardcore punk as it should be.

More brutal Dutch hardcore, this time in the vein of Catharis & Gehenna- dark, metallic hardcore.
"Damn, here's some raging hardcore/punk from Holland that's chock full of dissonance that adds a really dark and ominous edge to their songwriting. Similarities could be cited to a few other bands (I'd definitely mention Catharsis), but for the most part I actually think these guys are pretty creative and have a little of their own sound going on. There are a good variety of tempos going on and you can pick up on everything from somewhat traditional hardcore or D-beat leanings to noisier and more caustic picking patterns, some stuttered rhythms and chunkier metallic influences, etc. The vocals are also really solid shouts with a burly texture that sounds a little bit different from the norm as well."
http://www.insanesociety.net/CESKY/MP3_ … ing%20.mp3
http://www.insanesociety.net/CESKY/MP3_ … lehold.mp3

Isis/Pelican influenced locals, with a new expanded line up, making their CDH debut. Expansive post-metal.

Cosmic rockers land on earth in search of the mighty riff. Heavy, trippy proto-metal that lies somewhere between classic Sabbath and early Hawkwind, coming courtesy of Grease Monkeys/Oi Polloi/Moniack members.

Thursday 28th Feb
Henry's Cellar Bar
Morrison St
7.30pm, £5
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