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Cold Dead Hands Presents...

Perth Express- brutal German hardcore
Fluid-Melvins-esque sludge
Eunoia- local math rock
Black Channels- harsh screamo

Perth Express
If you didn't see these guys either at their first CDH show in 2005 or Chopfest, their own description is pretty bang on:
"We like down-tuned guitars, we like His Hero is Gone, we like heavy parts, we like Botch, we like fast and in-your-face hardcore, we like Left for Dead, we like blast beats, we like Unruh, we like melodies, we like Tragedy, we like noise, we like Converge…"
They've definitely added an Entombed/Cursed death'n'roll feel to their newer stuff, which has been sharpened by their incessant touring, including a US jaunt with Trap Them and a Euro tour with Army Of Flying Robots, both worthy tourmates.
The sort of heavy, smart and DIY to the core band that reminds me why I still love hardcore.


More Gemanic heaviness, this time in a more sludgey vein, with some mathy rhythms thrown in. They've been compared to a mix of Converge, The Melvins & Buzz Oven.


One of the most promising new(-ish) local bands, intricate but powerful math rock. I could mention their previous & current other bands, but it wouldn't really give you much of a clue as to how they sound.


Black Channels
Making their much anticipated Edinburgh debut, this Perth/Glasgow lot feature former and current members of Allergo and Mesa Verde. Techy, blasty screamo in the vein of Louise Cyphre. The handful of gigs this band have played elsewhere have been well received, so we've high hopes for this.


Wednesday 5th March
Henry's Cellar Bar
Morrison Street
7.30pm, £5
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