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Cold Dead Hands Present

Flatlands- epic post rock/doom metal crossover
Oldseed-melancholic country from Canada
Tim Holehouse-local drone/folk
Rob St John- Fife Kills related folkiness
Montana- metalcore from Coventry

Making a welcome third trip to Edinburgh, The Fens favourite sons return to ply us with more of their doom laden post-rock. There's a million bands doing the post- Neurosis/Isis/Pelican sort of thing at the moment, but Flatlands are a definite cut above.
"They are a heavier proposition of band hitting you straight away with riffage that is quiet delectable and some superb screaming from singer Mike, the immense amounts of reverb on the voice making him sound stunningly disturbed! The backing vocals provided by the bass player Simon provide a nice more melodic texture against the harsh-as-f**k screams. The structuring of each of the songs here is superb and the sound is more mature than their year existence, with crushing bass lines and pounding drums augmented by dynamic guitar lines and crushingly brilliant screams. These guys are new contenders to the crown. In a world where too many bands copy more established acts, Flatlands take their rural monotony of life and provide it with thrilling dynamic music."

Candian country, not too far removed from William E Whitmore or Bonnie Prince Billy.
"Sparse and stripped right down to the bare bones of music, Oldseed's sophomore effort features little more than the overflowing twang of his voice, an acoustic guitar, and a little bit of bass thrown in for good measure. If he had been born 70 years ago, there's no doubt that Oldseed would've done just fine without all these new fandangled electric instruments, and found a nice spot amongst the cowboy poets of yore."

Tim Holehouse
The erstwhile Naked Shit front man turns his hand to some Current 93 style dark folk/drone as he draws his tour with Oldseed to a close.

Rob St John
More acoustic folkiness, EP on Fife Kills, home to My Kappa Roots.

Flatlands tour partner, Botch/Isis influenced metalcore from Coventry.

Saturday 22nd March
Canons Gait
Royal Mile
£5, 7.30pm

We realise this clashes with the HOFJ gig the same night, but we'll work out a way to give a discount to anyone who comes along to see Flatlands afterwards- our gig should run a bit later, so you can still make it round and see Flatlands & Oldseed most likely. More info to follow.
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