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Cold Dead Hands Present

Sinaloa- proper emo from the USA, records on Ebullition & Level Plane
Don't Mess With Texas- post-rock from Croatia
Carraway- Frail/Policy of 3 style hardcore from Manchester
Kaddish- Dundee's finest

Top notch emotional hardcore from the USA. Rightly compared the the greats of the genre- Moss Icon, early 90s Dischord, Bob Tilton etc. Splits with Ampere, Life At These Speeds, Wolves and more.
"Sinaloa play a brand of, um, emo for want of a better word, that you do not encounter very often these days. Simple comparisons that I can lend to you are Kolya, the Van Pelt / the Lapse and the first Vida Blue LP. And "Hello to Goodnight" sounds like Lovesick. Another band with it's heart in the right place. Anyway, that should put you on the right track. The main musical theme is multiple guys doing urgent talky vocals - it is awesome when all 3 guys get going at the same time, although one guy gets main duties. Sometimes the vocals sound upset and tearful, but throughout they sound poured out from the heart. The music is repetitious, dark and generally difficult to describe! The guitars come in waves and occasionally relent into quieter introspective moments."-
Andy Malcolm, Collective Zine
Really, the e-word has been bastardized beyond belief in the past few years, this band brings it right back to where to should be- intelligent, sincere DIY hardcore punk.

Don't Mess With Texas
Epic post rock from Croatia, kind like a more melacholy Explosions In The Sky.
"If Explosions in the Sky are the soundtrack to a dreamy tale of love, heartbreak and longing the Don’t Mess With Texas is the sound of the aftermath of a great battle, with terrible casualties on both sides. Not the sound of victory, but of jubilation at survival, and a terrible epiphany of the futility of war."
-Die Shell Suit Die

More emotional hardcore, this time from Manchester.Like to think they fall somewhere between Polaris/Bob Tilton and Frail/Policy of 3/Rites Of Spring. Ex-Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon, Funeral Diner (really!), The Legacy, North Cross, Get Stuffed and a thousand other bands.

One of Scotland's finest, harsh screamo with a nod to the like likes of Jerome's Dream, making a long overdue return to the capital.

Wednesday 26th March
Henry's Cellar Bar
Morrison St
doors 7.30pm, £5
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