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Cold Dead Hands & The House Of Crust Present

Filth Of Mankind- Amebix-esque crust metal from Poland
Grinding Halt- heavy hardcore from Holland, ex Shikari
Beginning Of The End- London crust, ex Doom
Afterbirth- local d-beat merchants
Bumper Crop- melodic hardcore from North Berwick

Filth Of Mankind (Poland)
Apocalyptic crust metal from Gdansk, in the vein of Amebix, Axegrinder etc. Records on the awesome Japanese HG Fact label.

"They're tuned really heavy with a deep bass throbbing style. Strong on the metal and heavy on the power. With a dark, eerie, mystical evil metal style that is very triumphant and epic. And yet it's distinctly of the punk world - the crusty metal punk world that is. Also very much of the Amebix genre. What I would dub the Ameba-grinder style. And what happens to be my very favorite kind of thing to listen to. I could liken them to Extinction Of Mankind and Nausea as well - though they don't really sound at all like them - just kinda goes with the territory. Filth Of Mankind are fucking awesome. An absolute must have for any fans of Misery and Amebix - period. They deliver the axe-grinding, bass-heavy throbbing style, like no other. The vocals are deep, gruff and well done with guttural metal style and effects, along with mystical moans and winds blowing in the background creating the tundra warrior feeling. Tempo wise - very heavy, with a driving tempo through the slow and heavy to the faster galloping and pummeling speeds and plenty of rock too. It all rocks and totally rules and this is one of my favorites, period. Fuck yeah!"
-Slug & Lettuce zine


Grinding Halt (Holland)
Heavy Dutch hardcore, with slow, pounding sludge parts erupting into blast beats, like Dystopia meets His Hero Is Gone & Union Of Uranus. Ex Shikari & Last Mile. If you enjoyed Cathode & Staathaat recently, GH will offer a similar steamrollering, there must be something in the water in Holland just now...
"Grinding Halt are ex-Shikari, which is one hell of a legacy to live up to. More measured and varied, they combine fast and slow to addictive effect, with some excellent discordant riffs in there that remind me of a more hardcore Unpersons (which is an obscure reference, more's the pity). The songs flow nicely between tempo changes, and make some surprising leaps."
-Kunal Nandi, Collective Zine

Beginning Of The End (London)
Raging dualled vocalled crust attack from down South, with former members of Doom, Health Hazard, Suffer and loads more.

Afterbirth (Edinburgh)
Local d-beat defenders bring the downtuned metallic crust.

Bumper Crop(North Berwick)
Raw but melodic hardcore, like Heresy & Ripcord meets Divide & Conquer & I-Farm. Ex Scumline & Midway Still.

Tuesday 29th April
Henry's Cellar Bar
Morrison St
7.30pm, £5
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