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Cold Dead Hands Presents

Annihilation Time-80s hardcore meets 70s rock, one of the best American hardcore band around
The Fuckin A Team- Drop Dead/Charles Bronson style fast hardcore
Sunset Squad- melodic hardcore from Dundee

Annihilation Time
Southern California has a pretty solid tradition when it comes to fast, yet mind numbingly destructive hardcore punk. Following in the footsteps of godheads Bl'ast! and Black Flag comes Oxnard's Annihilation Time. Mixing the speed and viciousness of the very best hardcore with the decimating heaviness of Black Sabbath, Annihilation Time crank out tightly wound and aggressive songs hell bent on self-destruction with venomous lyrics growling a life of pain.
Miss this at your peril, in the confines of Henry's, I reckon they'll blow the roof off.

The Fuckin A Team
Young upstarts from Dumbarton, thrashing it up in a Charles Bronson/Nine Shocks Terror/Drop Dead style, that almost makes me want to forgive young people for the never ending tidal wave of shit hair metal that's been deluging us for too long. Making their long overdue CDH debut.

Sunset Squad
Modern sounding hardcore from Dundee, bit of melody, some throaty vocals and, I suspect, some chaos. In the vein of American Nightmare, Modern Life Is War etc. Ex Violent Response & A Written Apology.

Plus one more tbc

Thursday 8th May
Henry's Cellar Bar
Morrison Street
7.30pm, £5
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