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Cold Dead Hands Presents

Off Minor- legendary screamo types
Who Calls So Loud- ex Funeral Diner epicness
Citizens-Ebullition style hardcore from Glasgow
Sunset Squad- melodic hardcore

Off Minor
Legendary screamo outfit from the States playing their first Scottish show, one of the originals and still best. Incredible interplay between clean groovin' guitars and chaotic fucked up guitars with crazy timing, all layered over chorded basslines, frantic drumming, and dual screaming machines. FAO anyone spamming floppy haired soft rock: this is what screamo actually sounds like.
Did we mention they're ex Saetia?

Who Calls So Loud
...Who Calls So Loud from San Francisco are Matt & Dave from Funeral Diner along with two other friends, continuing where Funeral Diner left off with epic songs that are both raw and melodic. If you've been missing FD, these guy should fill the void in your miserable life.

Impressing us so much at their recent gig with Violent Breakfast, we've asked this lot back again- Glasgow's finest, driving hardcore in the vein of Yaphet Kotto, Bread & Circuits etc. Don't snooze on this lot, seriously, one of the best young bands we've seen in ages.

Sunset Squad
Modern sounding hardcore from Dundee, bit of melody, some throaty vocals and, I suspect, some chaos. In the vein of American Nightmare, Modern Life Is War etc. Ex Violent Response & A Written Apology.

Monday 16th June
Henry's Cellar Bar
Morrison St
7.30pm, £6
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