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Dead In The Woods, Edinburgh, 12/04/09

Cold Dead Hands Presents

Dead In The Woods- sludge/hardcore from Nottingham, ex Army Of Flying Robots
Enhahre- experimental death/doom metal from the USA, ex Kayo Dot
Uncalm- fast hardcore from Aberdeen
Of Spire & Throne- local doom metal

Dead In The Woods
Crushingly heavy sludge rock meets crusty hardcore. Former/current members of Army Of Flying Robots & Moloch among others. Think His Hero Is Gone meets Neurosis and a bit of High On Fire. Heavy riffs for heavy times.


Experimental death/doom metal from the USA, ex Kayo Dot & Forcefedglass

"Crawling on their belly toward the farthest outposts of doom and death metal, Ehnahre offer up an experience that'll force any listeners staying the course to explore some dark nooks and crannies they may well wish they'd never gazed into. A lengthy five-part ordeal, "The Man Closing Up" sees the band dealing very much in textures and ambience, favouring glowering half-chords, brittle rakings of the strings and jarring, jazz inf(l)ected changes of direction over straight-up aggression, employing familiar minor-key descents into the abyss or roiling death metal lurches only on occasion, seemingly as a murderous afterthought rather than any sort of end purpose in themselves. Vocals shapeshift between monosyllabic death grunts, throat-clogged rasps and mysterious ether whispers, those behind them joined for a time by the morose croon of fringe metal journeyman Jonah Jenkins. The overall result finds itself pitched somewhere amidst the wilfully obtuse likes of Khanate, Asva and Portal; unpredictable and not necessarily easy to digest but, as of yet, ever so slightly shy of the greatness those bands have managed to achieve."
-Alex Dellar, Collective Zine


Raging hardcore from Aberdeen, fast & heavy as it should be, mixing up influences from the likes of Cursed, Backstabbers Inc, Crossed Out, Infest etc. Their demo is the best from a new Scottish band I've heard in a while. Ex Filthpact & We Shall Be Blessed.


Of Spire & Throne
Edinburgh based funeral doom, influenced by the likes of Winter & Skepticism, maybe with a hint of Corrupted & Burning Witch.

Sunday 12th April
Henry's Cellar Bar
Morrison St
7.30PM, £5
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