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The Ergon Carousel & Diet Pills in Edinburgh 04/09/09

Cold Dead Hands Present

The Ergon Carousel- grindcore from North of England, ex Narcosis & Beecher
Diet Pills- scuzzed up hardcore
Loinstorm- noise rock

The Ergon Carousel
Unrelenting grindcore from the North of England, ex Narcosis & Beecher.

"6 songs, 6 minutes, 3/5ths of Narcosis. that'll do for the numbers. The Ergon Carousel bring us a blitzkreig bop of ridiculously fast and awesome grind which sounds a bit like getting punched in the face by an angry hummingbird wearing boxing gloves occasionally taking a split second break to remember why it hates you. Perhaps a surprising release for Holy Roar and limited to just a hundred copies, opener 'Sum Of Nothing' begins soaked in feedback like some doom band's lost first demo but comes out of the starting blocks quicker than something very quick and it's pretty relentless stuff throughout, despite a mosh-friendly breakdown in 'Hindsight Is A Wonderful Thing When You Don't Mean It' and a little bit of Daughters-esque guitar riffery in 'City Of Ghosts'. There are many blastbeats here, which are so fast I imagine the drummer to be in one of those cartoon fights where there would just be a rotating cloud of smoke with arms and legs flailing out of it. I would love to see this band live, I hope there will be gurning."
-Collective Zine


Diet Pills
Scuzzy hardcore wrestling with sludge, kind like Void and Flipper mixed with Corrupted. Split with Dead In The Woods soon on Mike Hill of Tombs' Black Box label.
"Diet Pills are a strange breed, in a scene whose veins are clogged with forgettable, convention following tripe this band carve a different path. The two tracks found here perfectly meld the sounds of Flipper, Jesus Lizard and Neurosis into a monstrously spastic cacophony, wrestling the listener to the floor with the weight of their untamed, bass heavy fuzz. The unhinged David Yow styled vocals set off the mix perfectly, wailing and shrieking through percussive riffing without ever becoming a parody of the Jesus Lizard’s howler."
-Collective Zine


Jesus Lizard-esque noise rock. Former/current members of Oi Polloi, Senator, Badgewearer, Gaunt etc.

Friday 4th Sep
Sneaky Pete's
The Cowgate
7.00pm, £5

Due to Sneaky's early curfew, this will be done by 10pm so get down sharp!
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